Building muscle mass takes proper nutrition and exercises.


Many fitness enthusiasts, particularly men, pursue weight training with the sole goal of building muscle mass. While the attractive outward appearance is nice, those guns can actually help increase your metabolism and even your mood.This article will give you a few key principles necessary for building muscle mass. It's the information you need to make the most of your current workouts.

Stimulating a muscle, or even multiple muscle groups, to grow in size is a relatively simple objective to meet. Muscles grow when they are given a stimulus (resistive exercise) that is of sufficient intensity.  However, the intensity of the workout is not the only important factor. Recovery is just as key.

The first contributor to recovery is nutrition. Getting a snack that is a 60:40 mix of carbohydrate to protein within 40 minutes of finishing your workout is crucial. After the 40-minute mark, you body will start to pull nutrients from storage to help with recovery. The catch is, the same amount of nutrient storage is necessary to maximize recovery and size development. Essentially, if you work out hard but don’t have enough recovery nutrition, the body will use muscle mass to feed itself. It will break down the same muscles you're trying to build. 

Snack on a turkey or peanut butter and jelly sandwich on whole wheat bread, plain yogurt with fresh fruit, a protein bar or a nutritional protein drink.

But there's more to building muscle mass than eating plenty of protein. On the next page, learn about the main event: your exercise program.