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Breathing issues can be a real problem. As a huge yogi, the breath is the most important sense that I have. After all you can continue to live after losing every individual sense except for the breath. The breath has well known calming effects as well. You can experiment with tons of ways to expand your lungs free of drugs. I am in no way giving medical advice to readers with serious lung diseases. But check out these natural anecdotes to breathing easier:

- As I mentioned above, yoga has done wonders for my breath because the breath is the most critical aspect of yoga. Without the breath, you might as well call yoga gymnastics. Pranyama are the breathing exercises that go along with yoga. Regular practice of pranyama will in time expand your lungs.

- Figure out your subtle food allergies. Certain food allergies cause asthma and the best way to pinpoint which foods are the villains is by keeping a food diary. When you feel plagued by breathing issues look back at what you recently eat. Take the food out of your diet for a month and see if you get some relief. Sulphites found in wines are a common breathing allergen.

- I feel a bit ridiculous even mentioning this but I will anyhow. Stop smoking. You cannot expect to have healthy lungs if you're blackening them with butts all the time. The time to quit is now so you don't have to deal with all those pricey medical bills later. Smoking also contaminates the air and produces tons of stinky litter.