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Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. It is a colorless, odorless gas that can occur naturally. Radon kills 20,000 people a year. Radonis a chemical that does not mess around. You should be a person who does not mess around either. You should have your home tested for radon ASAP.

A radon kit can be purchased at most hardware and department stores for around or under twenty dollars. Get one that is approved by the EPA. Don't settle for the radon kits at the 99 Cent Store. Take the EPA-approved radon kit home.

In order to get a decent reading, you need to keep your doors and windows shut for a good half-day. Take the radon kit to the lowest level of the house. Find a centrally located place where it won't be disturbed. Put a big sign near it that says, "WATCH OUT FOR RADON KIT" or use some other memory aid. Keep the kit away from drafts or heat sources. Leave the kit alone. The kit's instructions will tell you how long. It could be a few days. It could be a couple of months. When that time passes, reseal radon kit and send to the lab. Worry. Check mail.

When radon kit arrives, you will know your radon levels. If your radon level is high, call a professional radon-testing company to examine your house. If radon levels are confirmed to be high, find a radon expert to help you deal with your radon.

NOTE: Do not shout, "Radon! Radon! I'm covered in radon!" It never helps.

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