I knew that food waste was a huge issue, but these stats are staggering. According to a report from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and reported on Food Navigator USA, one-third of the food produced globally for human consumption each year is wasted.

According to Food Navigator USA:

[W]astage in production and storage often translates to lost income for small farmers in particular, and higher prices for poor consumers, adding that reducing losses could have an 'immediate and significant' impact on livelihoods.

The waste occurs somewhere along the supply chain, but North America and Europe waste about twice as much food as other parts of the globe. In poorer countries, much of the food waste results from poor harvests or at the processing level due to inadequate facilities.

Food Navigator USA reports on fixing the problem:

In order to tackle the issue, the report suggested that major food retailers in industrialized nations should work with commercial and charitable organizations to redistribute food that may be past its best, but is still acceptable in terms of safety, taste and nutritional value.

Avoid Food Waste in Your Own Life

We Americans waste 40 percent of our food supply, which is more than 1400 calories of food per person per day. What a waste! But the good news is, it can be easily prevented. Here's five easy ways to cut WAY back on all that unnecessary food waste.

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