Dangerous Food Additives and Ingredients and How to Avoid Them

Jeffery Hamilton/Thinkstock/ DCL

A diet with too many processed foods can cause a world of trouble for us on a number of fronts. Processed foods lack nutrient density, meaning that many of the vitamins and minerals have been lost in processing or they weren't there in the first place. Second, we tend to overeat foods like chips, cookies, boxed meals, dips, etc because we don't feel satiated. We don't feel as full as with whole foods loaded with fibrous fruits and vegetables, so we keep on eating. But the most scary aspect of processed foods can often be what we didn't even realize was added in the first place.

Food additives serve a world of purposes, most of which we weren't even aware of, but they can also do us harm. You may be seriously surprised at not only what you've been ingesting, but what it could be doing to you and the planet.

Keep reading to learn about 7 dangerous food additives and how to avoid them.