While reading this excellent blog post by Jan Morre over at Current Green (if you're unclear about why so many people loathe, nay, hate Monsanto, Morre sums it up perfectly), I was intrigued by her mention of a project by the Institute for Responsible Technology. The IRT has put together a non-GMO shopping guide, which contains helpful suggestions for avoiding GMOs in your food. Even better, it's put together a downloadable guide, listing exactly which brands do not use GMOs in their products, and which do. As Planet Green writer Sara Novak mentioned in a previous post on avoiding GMOs, it is estimated that around 70% of all processed food has been genetically modified. Between Sara's article and the blog post I mentioned above from Current, we now have two very useful tools for avoiding GMOs in our food:

- The Non-GMO Project is a collaboration of food retailers, producers, consumers, and farmers to identify products that haver been verified as having no GMOs.

- The Institute for Responsible Technology's Non-GMO Shopping Guide provides extensive lists of processed foods that are GMO-free, including breads, cereals, snack foods, dairy, meats, and meat substitutes.