To look great and feel great it is important to have good hygiene. Learn all about maintaining your appearance and hygiene.

How to Care for Your Eyes

Considering how important your eyesight is, caring for your eyes should be as much a part of your daily routine as brushing your teeth or washing your face. Learn more about how to care for your eyes.

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  • 10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

    10 Steps to a More Kissable Mouth

    The night's been great so far and you definitely see it ending with a kiss. Then suddenly your warm fuzzy thoughts are replaced by nagging worries like, "Do I have bad breath?" What are 10 tips to help allay your fears? See more »

  • 10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath

    10 Tips to Cure Bad Breath

    If your breath might not be compared to a summer's day, don't fret. From soda to sinus infections, bad breath has many causes -- and many cures. See more »

  • 10 Ways the Definition of Beauty Has Changed

    10 Ways the Definition of Beauty Has Changed

    What society considers beautiful has a tendency to shift over time. But that doesn't stop our pursuit of beauty, which tends to be subject to the whims of trendsetters. See more »

  • Baldness: Types and Treatments

    Baldness: Types and Treatments

    Even though bald celebrities like Bruce Willis have achieved sex symbol status, many of the 40 million American men and women going bald aren't content with losing their hair. So what can they do about it? See more »

  • Beauty Standards Quiz

    Beauty Standards Quiz

    We're often told that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. As it turns out, we all have a checklist, and they're all probably pretty similar. Take the quiz to learn more. See more »

  • How Body Odor Works

    How Body Odor Works

    In the history of humankind, body odor has been both a smell used to remember a loved one and a turn-off in social circles. What causes our bodies to smell the way they do? See more »

  • Why does coffee make your breath so bad?

    Why does coffee make your breath so bad?

    Ah, coffee: smells so good, yet stinks your breath so bad. Since giving up this daily indulgence is out of the question, how can you lessen the odor? See more »

  • 5 Truths About Bikini Waxes

    5 Truths About Bikini Waxes

    Do you know the truths behind bikini waxes? See our list of five truths about bikini waxes to get informed. See more »

  • Beauty Myths Quiz

    Beauty Myths Quiz

    How well do you know cosmetics and their compositions? Test your knowledge of common cosmetic ingredients and approaches with our beauty myths quiz. See more »

  • Beauty Starts with Healthy Skin

    Beauty Starts with Healthy Skin

    Are you looking to appear as youthful as you can? Learn the importance of healthy skin and how it relates to your overall beauty in this article. See more »

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