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10 Tips on How to Get a Ripped Back

Inverted Row
Inverted rows will strengthen more than just your back.
Inverted rows will strengthen more than just your back.

A great exercise to help you develop what weightlifters commonly call "cobra lats" (flared lats that give your body a v-shape) is the inverted row. And here's a bonus -- it's good for your abdominal muscles, too. Place a straight bar down low on a squat rack so that it's just over an arm's length from the ground. Lie underneath the bar, then reach up and grab it with your palms facing away from you. This is the same position you would be in for a bench press, but instead of lifting the bar off the rack, you're going to pull yourself upward until your chest nearly touches the bar. Pause at the top of the movement before lowering yourself. For maximum effect, lower your body as slowly as possible and don't allow your body to touch the ground between reps [source: Murphy]. In addition, tighten your abs as you perform the exercise.


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