By Eric J. Leech

On Mean Green Machines, we have seen the technological advancements of efficiency and design. With all this great advancement taking the center stage of discussion, the reason that we are looking for such alternative energy sources sometimes is forgot. Especially now with the oil crisis, all we seem to hear about is gas efficiency and mpg consumption.

But there is another very important reason for our search for green energy. Our health - both our own and that of those around us, including plants and animals. Today we are going to set aside gas consumption, energy efficiency, and production waste, and remind ourselves of the health benefits in using green energy. There are many reason why it is so important to make the transformation to more efficient nations over the next several years, and the health of you and your loved ones should certainly be on top of your list.

1. Renewable energy sources, number one, promote a cleaner air space for all of us, which reduces the pollution we breathe. It removes pollution that has been linked to lung cancer and the aggravation of asthma and allergies. It removes particles in the air have also been linked to cardiac dangers. Without renewable energy, we might soon find that exercising outdoors (breathing the air) would actually be more harmful than helpful.

2. Renewable resources reduce electricity and industrial pollution, which is one of the major causes of acid rain through its byproduct of sulfur oxides which are spewed into the air. This causes our rivers and lakes to become acidic, which not only damages crops and vegetation, but is harmful to the animals who drink it.

3. Efficient vehicles and industry reduce carbon dioxide (C02) which traps heat into our atmosphere and is believed to be a cause of global warming. As the earth warms, drought occurs, forest fires increase, and our glaciers melt, which means our oceans will covering over what precious land we have left. With excessive crowding, contagious disease would run rampant.

4. Renewable energy sources reduce the amount of oil and coal mining necessary. Oil and coal contribute to the immediate destruction of our environment through accidental spills and unavoidable byproducts that poison our bodies. We have very limited space with which to put these toxins once they are produced. We can put them in the water and soil, non of which are conducive to a healthy planet.

As you can see, our push for a green future not only has a great effect on our pocketbooks, but also our ability to avoid disease, the destruction of our delicate ecosystem, high insurance rates (caused by increased sickness), loss of work (from sickness), and the loss of loved ones who passed to soon because of a body full of toxins.

As inhabitants on this earth, we can make the greatest impact through the course of actions we take everyday, such as recycling, using efficient transportation, voting for clean air acts and those who support them, and of course by teaching our children to conserve so that they too will continue the tradition for generations to come.

The world is still a beautiful place, and most of us are still mostly unharmed by the current pollution levels in the air. We need to take action to make sure it stays that way!