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As a singer, there's hardly anything that drives me over my emotional edge quicker than a sore throat. Not only does it completely stifle something that I do every day, but it, as you know, is just downright painful. Not being able to comfortably communicate with the people in your life can really sour up a day. It seems like sore throats spread around like wildfire during fall and winter seasons. Because of this, I have to be extra cautious this time of the year. While I do take pride in being cautious, I'm not the biggest fan of medicine. Sure, I'll use it if I have to, but why put chemicals in my body if it's not necessary?

I'm much more of a home remedy person myself. It suits my philosophy on medicine to be this way but it's also better for the environment. The more self-medicating you can do with items you've already got around the house, the less resources that will be wasted in the production of new medications and packaging for them. So before you trot to your drug store for sore throat medicine this year, try some of these natural home remedies: