Oral Care for Kids

Learn all about oral care for kids and get tips on how to handle teething, teeth straightening and other dental issues.

Teach Your Kids How Certain Foods and Drinks Affect Their Smile

The last thing children are thinking about is the health of their mouth -- especially when faced with a soda and a piece of cake. But you should teach them early, so they can smile forever.

When do babies start teething?

Babies are born with teeth already developing beneath the gum line. But is it possible to predict when they'll break through to the surface?

Should you indulge your child's sweet tooth?

One of the great pleasures of being a kid is enjoying the occasional sweet. But what health issues can this introduce? Should you indulge your child's sweet tooth?

Do cavities in baby teeth need to be filled?

In the 1970s, the media began reporting that babies who slept with milk bottles got more cavities than those who didn't. But, do cavities in baby teeth need to be filled?

How important are teething tablets?

Some parents swear by teething tablets as a natural remedy for their babies' discomfort. But are they really safe?

How to Celebrate Your Baby's First Tooth

Babies probably have more achievements in a year than the average adult has in a decade. But when it comes to the arrival of that first tooth, one thing is certain: It's time to celebrate.

How to Remove Your Kid's Tooth Painlessly

Gap-toothed grins are a hallmark of childhood, but should you really pull baby teeth to make way for permanent ones? And can you do it painlessly? We'll give you the scoop in this article.

5 Teething Pain Remedies

Teething is a normal part of infant development, but that's little consolation when your little one and you are suffering through it. What are some effective ways to ease the ouchiness?

What is the dental formula for deciduous teeth?

Dental formulas may seem rather complicated, but they make sense if you know what you're looking for.

Do gaps in baby teeth mean anything?

Lauren Hutton sports a gap-toothed smile. So do David Letterman and former New York Giant Michael Strahan. But what about your kids? Do gaps in baby teeth mean anything?

In what order do babies' teeth fall out?

Children typically lose their baby teeth in the order they came in -- unless there's a little help from a playground mishap to hurry the process along.