Safe Stocking Stuffers

If you're feeling stressed and fatigued and having trouble sleeping, you could be suffering from that annual holiday ailment known as gift-giving pressure.

Perhaps you've counted millions of sheep while thinking about what to get Aunt Martha, who has it all, or cousin Larry, who has every gadget known to man and alien. Well, I may have a solution for you: Think safety. Yep, that's a good way to show your loved ones you care. Sure, safety-related gifts aren't tasty, cuddly or fuzzy, but they may be just the thing to help keep your good buddies alive and well into the coming year.

The Dangerous Three

  • Fire: Unfortunately, home sweet home is not always home safe home. On average, American homes are the scene of nearly 20,000 accidental deaths and more than 6 million injuries each year. Of these, fire accounts for more than 5,000 deaths (80 percent in homes) and 25,000 injuries.
  • Carbon-monoxide poisoning: It's the most common cause of poisoning death. In fact, 10,000 people will seek medical attention or miss at least one day of normal activity due to carbon-monoxide poisoning this year.
  • Burns: Additionally, burns due to scalding water have been cited as the second-most common cause of serious burn injuries in children under 5 and in adults over 65.