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I've been known to experiment a bit when it comes down to D.I.Y. beauty. Usually, I come across something good when I get creative and that's precisely what happened today. I decided to take advantage of my food processor for once and whip up a face mask. I didn't have a particular result in mind—just a mask that made my skin feel good. What I came across, however, ended up giving my skin a glow and smoothness that I can still feel (and see) hours later. If you want to try your hand at this natural way to achieve a beautiful glow and smooth skin, here's the recipe I put together today for this mask:

Smoothing Cilantro-Oat Mask Recipe


1/2 cup of oatmeal Oatmeal contains beta glucan, which is a fiber that stimulates skin repair. From reducing wrinkles to protecting against UV damage, oatmeal is a safe bet for your skin.

1/4 cup of milk (I used soy milk) The acid in milk helps to soothe skin while moisturizing.

1/4 cup of chopped cucumber, which is great for tightening the skin because its liquid-like consistency can sink deeper into pores and hard-to-reach areas of the skin than many other DIY mask ingredients.

1 handful of fresh cilantro. Cilantro helps to cool the skin.

1.Toss the ingredients all into a food processor (or a blender if you haven't got a food processor).

2.Let the ingredients mix together for about a minute or so.

3.When the mix looks smooth, spoon it out into a bowl.

4.Apply generously to your face and let it sit for 20 minutes or until hardened.


Let me know what you think! I'm absolutely excited about this mask. After all, it's a natural way to improve your skin. Who needs lotions that make your skin 'glow' when you can do it with fresh foods?