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You eat organic food, plant trees, wear bamboo clothes and drive a hybrid. So why do you still choose to slather chemical-filled makeup and skincare products on your face? Have you ever even looked at the ingredients list on your face cream, blush, or nail polish? You probably can't even pronounce them.

The fact is that your skin is your body's largest living breathing organ. When you put chemicals on it, your skin, in its own way, ingests them. You wouldn't choose to eat, drink or even lick a chemical cocktail, so stop forcing your skin to. In other words, your average blush, lipstick, and powder are really chemical cocktails in really pretty shades. Why do you think so much animal testing goes on? Because many of the chemicals can be toxic when they touch the skin, leaving rashes, burns, and worse.

How Many Chemicals Are You Rubbing On Your Face?

-200- The number of chemicals the average woman smears on her skin every day (thanks to unnatural skincare).

-60% - The amount of those chemicals found floating in the bloodstream.

-0- The average number of chemicals in organic skincare

It's time to green your beauty routine by switching out your stash with organic, all-natural, or biodynamic options, as well as products that you can make at home from kitchen and garden basics.

Here are some greener and healthier alternatives to your chemical-filled favorites:



Face Cream

Pimples and Pores