razor and shaving cream

You don't have to be scared of your razor; it doesn't automatically mean pain and discofort.


Have you ever wondered if the price of beauty is a bit too high? Whatever happened to the good old days when a woman's hairy parts were her own business? Beauty has always been a moving target. Today it may include a hairless and smooth bikini line, but next season it might involve wearing finger extenders for longer and more graceful hands. It could include shaved eyebrows or obviously painful stuff like sticking needles here and there for a fierce, "don't mess with me" look. Who knows what those bad boys (and girls) in the beauty and fashion stratosphere will come up with? Whatever they decide, it's a sure bet comfort won't be high on the list of requisites, though.

Here's another thought. While you're dealing with ingrown hairs, tenderness and redness from shaving, (waxing or plucking) your bikini area, is your guy standing by with antibacterial creams and soothing ointments? Heck no. When you limp into the man cave in search of a little sympathy, does he offer to run out for gelato and brownies? Forget it. He's much more likely to cringe at the site of your incipient stubble, grab the remote and lose himself in a channel surfing marathon.

We won't let you down, though. Summer's sun and surf are glorious, but there can be bumps along the way to a perfect bikini line. When you need relief, we have some suggestions that will treat the boo-boos and restore your sense of humor about the ridiculous things we all do to look great.