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The average exerciser runs to trim the fat, tones muscles with resistance, does yoga for the mind, or does double duty by bonding with nature on a hike in order to keep their skin taut and their stress at a mere simmer (as opposed to bubbling over at the boiling point). So why, when we spend so much time tending to the areas of our body that we keep covered up all day in clothing, do we so blatantly neglect the most exposed section of skin- our faces. Yes, we slather on specially formulated soaps, scrubs and serums to maintain its exterior glow, but what about what lies beneath? Stop automatically turning to plastic surgery to downsize your jowls or open your eyes, and give your facial muscles a stress reducing, muscle toning, skin tightening workout!

Who knows the most about, um, facelifts? Celebrities. But many big names prefer to go the natural route instead of going under the knife. Celebrities such as Madonna, Lauren Graham and Diane Lane have placed their faces in the hands of expert aestheticians at Arcona Spa in Los Angeles. Many of Arcona Spa's treatments are rooted in Chinese medicinal practices and the belief that your face reflects the inside of your body. The facials help to break down and flush out the stress that the face retains. Chanel Jenae, the co-owner and lead esthetician at Arcona, believes that "We carry a lot of stress in the face, for the body, we exercise to reduce stress. My treatments exercise the face and therefore relax the body. It is like yoga for your face."

Your Own At-Home Facial Exercise Routine

Full Face Workout

Strengthens your entire face, minimizes tension in your jaw and your temples.

1. Sit comfortably.

2. Open your mouth as big as you can.

3. Stick out your tongue.

4. Open your eyes wide.

5. Hold this funny face for several seconds.

6. Completely relax your eyes, mouth, and jaw.

7. Repeat at least 5 times.

Double Chin Toner

1. Sit in front of a mirror.

2. Lift your eyes and neck to look up at the ceiling

3. Still looking at the ceiling, stretch your neck to look up to the right

4. Return to look up straight

5. Look up to the left

6. Return to look up straight

7. Lower your head to neutral

Slim Your Cheeks

1. Suck in your cheeks like a fish

2. Hold for 5 seconds

3. Relax

4. Smile with only the right side of your face

5. Hold for 5 seconds

6. Smile with only the left side of your face

7. Hold for 5 seconds

8. Repeat