There's nothing better than gathering all your friends together in a carpool, singing some rousing getting-ready-for-work shanties and telling secrets about girls. Those are the social benefits of carpooling. And of course, we are very happy about carpooling's ability to reduce emissions. But did you know that carpooling decreases stress?

Carpooling has been proven to reduce stress by Canadians, and Canadians would know. They spend about 12 days a year commuting. That's about two days more than most Americans.

The increase in camaraderie reduces stress amongst your fellow carpoolers. Once you sing a stirring office shanty with a fellow worker—let me tell you—you are no longer a stranger to them. If you don?t like singing shanties, then you could maybe just talk about sports or that TV show you both/all enjoy.

Chronic stress can weaken your immune system, making you more susceptible to common illness like cold and flu, but stress also exacerbates the following health problems:


- Pain of any kind

- Heart disease

- Digestive problems

- Sleep problems

- Depression

- Obesity

- Autoimmune diseases

- Skin conditions, such as eczema

Employees who carpool are more productive as they take fewer sick days and are more likely to feel healthy. So if you're a commuter and you're feeling overwhelmed, why not start a carpool? It will make you feel better, literally.