Stress-Reducing Foods You Should Be Eating

Burazin/Getty Images


Stress is everywhere. I see it every day in people from all walks of life. I actively concern myself each day with staying stress-free, no matter what. I have realized that my life can't be enjoyable with stress, so figuring out how to live stress-free has been crucial for me. Part of being stress-free is, of course, reducing stress factors that you have in your life. Another very important component in being stress-free, however, is one that people don't often take into consideration: food.

Researchers have been studying how food affects stress levels for some time now. Why don't we take a hint from their research and eat some anti-stress foods? I don't know about you, but I'd rather eat the right food than have a meltdown any day. Opt for organic and sustainably harvested fruits, nuts, veggies and fish for optimal health and environmental benefits.

If you're looking to reduce your stress levels, try incorporating some of these foods into your diet more regularly: