Is Your Zen Lifestyle Green? 10 Ways to Live Low Stress and Low Impact

Have you ever tried yoga?

Mike Powell/Getty Images

Calm down. Your Zen methods may already be plenty green so don't stress...yet. At least wait till I provide some background: When your average Stone Age man or woman was confronted by a hungry saber tooth tiger or rampaging mastodon, within a split-second the fight or flight response would kick in. The prehistoric human would then react and the stress response would eventually subside. Space Age humans like you and I are still functioning with the same brain as our ancestors, thus all forms of modern stress--from a nerve-wracking first date to a dose of rush hour traffic--provoke the same intense physiological response.

This is all good if your life resembles that of Indiana Jones; but for the most part, we're rarely faced with life-threatening stressors like hungry predators or giant rolling boulders. This creates a condition of habitual stress response which can lead to increased blood pressure, cardiac disease, colitis, bleeding ulcers, arthritis, asthma, lupus, and even cancer. So, how can a stressed but Earth-friendly human find inner peace without substantially deepening her/his carbon footprint?

Keep reading to learn 10 Ways to Green Your Zen.