Allergy and Asthma Lifestyle Tips

Life with allergies or asthma doesn't have to be miserable. Whether the source of your misery is pollen, dust, cosmetics or even exercise, there are plenty of practical suggestions for declaring a truce with your designated trigger or allergen.

Gardening with Allergies
Having outdoor allergies doesn't mean you have to become a prisoner of pollen counts. Take our quiz to find out how much you know and to get some practical tips on staying more comfortable during allergy season.

Even those with seasonal allergies can exercise their green thumb as long as they take some precautions. Below are some tips to help make gardening a sneeze-and-wheeze-free experience.

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  • Avoid gardening on warm or windy days. This is when pollen counts are likely to be highest.
  • Garden after a rain, when pollen has been washed from the air.
  • Wear a mask while you work in your garden, rake leaves or mow your lawn.
  • Keep your gardening tools outside.
  • When you take a break, wash your face to remove accumulated pollen.
  • Have special gardening clothes and keep gardening shoes outside. Shower when you finish gardening and change your clothing.
  • Grow plants that are less likely to induce allergic reactions. Talk to a knowledgeable florist or your doctor about which trees, shrubs and flowers will be less likely to irritate your allergies. 
  • When cutting flowers for inside, don't include decorative grasses in your arrangement because they can release their pollen throughout your house.