How is nasal allergy treated?

Treating Nasal Allergy Options:

The 3 treatment options for nasal allergies are:

  • avoiding what triggers symptoms
  • taking medication to prevent or relieve the symptoms
  • taking allergy shots to reduce your sensitivity to triggers

The outcome:

  • Avoiding triggers lets you avoid the misery nasal allergies cause.
  • Medications will either relieve symptoms or prevent them from happening.
  • Allergy shots can reduce or eliminate your sensitivity to triggers.

Because there are so many options for treating nasal allergies, choosing among them can be hard. This section will help make those choices easier. After you have worked through this section, you should know:

  • what options you and your healthcare providers have for treating your allergies
  • what medications are effective for nasal allergies
  • how to choose the medications that are right for you
  • how to use medications safely
  • how and when to take medications for best results
  • how immunotherapy (allergy shots) can make you less sensitive to allergens

Knowing these things will let you work more effectively with your doctor to choose the options that will help you feel your best.

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