Is there a vaccination you can get for an egg allergy?

Egg allergies are the result of your body misidentifying certain proteins in eggs -- usually in egg whites. Your immune system registers the egg allergens as dangerous and sends out antibodies to fight the allergens off. Then you suffer allergic symptoms as a result of your immune system's battle against eggs.

It would be nice if there were a way to get rid of egg allergies, but there isn't. The good news is that most people outgrow egg allergies by the time they're five years old. If you're one of the unfortunate few who don't outgrow their egg allergies, you have to learn to stay away from eggs. Immunotherapy, or allergy shots, is available for airborne allergens like dander, pollen and dust and for people allergic to insect stings and mold. However, allergy shots aren't helpful for people with food allergies. The only recourse for people with egg allergies is to treat the symptoms of a reaction and, of course, to stay away from eggs.