Fascinating Facts About 5 Common Household Allergens


Pet Fur

Is your pet making you sneeze?
Is your pet making you sneeze?

Did you know that clean pet fur does not cause allergies? When people appear allergic to pet fur, they are actually reacting to proteins in traces of saliva or urine on the fur or on dead skin (dander) which can float in the air and get mixed up in house dust. So your allergic partner or children really do have a good excuse to get out of emptying the litter box.

Some breeds of cats or dogs considered "hypo-allergenic" may cause fewer allergies because less shedding means less saliva- or urine-contaminated fur and skin flakes or because the breed has a lower concentration of allergenic proteins in their saliva and urine – but there is no such thing as a truly allergy-free dog or cat.