Top 5 Household Allergens That Are Living Right Under Your Nose


Cockroaches are creepy, disgusting, and spread bacteria and disease. They also trigger allergies in lots of people. Even if you don't see roaches in your house, you are likely to have some, especially if you live in an inner city or in the South. You may bring them in unseen on grocery bags, or they may sneak in from outside. Once they're in your home, they breed like crazy, year-round.

Roach sprays may cause allergic reactions, too, or, if used improperly, poison people or pets. There are two major ways to control cockroaches.

Boric acid is a white powder is made from water and the mineral boron. Boron is widely used in laundry products and in personal products such as toothpaste, and boric acid is sold in grocery stores as bug killer, ready to use. Dust it where cockroaches like to hide: in cracks and corners, under and behind fixtures and appliances. Spread the powder thinly, as cockroaches avoid piles or heavy lines. They'll pick up the powder as they walk through it and poison themselves when they clean it from their antennae and legs.

You can also try roach baits. Commercially available cockroach baits also kill the pests without triggering more allergies, or endangering people or pets. The roaches crawl into the plastic cover, eat the bait and then crawl away to die in their nesting area, where the bait will kill fellow roaches. Put baits in areas roaches like, especially in kitchens and bathrooms.

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