Top 5 Household Allergens That Are Living Right Under Your Nose

Mold Spores

Many people are allergic to mold spores. If your house has such a serious problem that you can smell the mold, perhaps in walls or under floors, you may need professional help.

Otherwise, the best way to prevent mold is to deny it damp places to grow:

  • Keep fresh air circulating through the house all year. Air conditioners help reduce moisture in summer.
  • Use a dehumidifier if the air conditioner doesn't do the trick. Clean it regularly.
  • Clean under sinks, behind toilets, in corners of the shower and in other areas that stay moist.
  • Soak bath mats and shower curtains in bleach solution if necessary.
  • Don't have carpets in the bathroom. Wash any throw rugs or mats often.
  • Hang wet mats, towels and robes to dry, and wash them often.
  • Avoid or minimize houseplants. Mold can grow in the soil.
  • Use bleach. A cleaning solution of 10-to-1 water and bleach works well. If you can see mold, try five parts water to one part bleach. Open the window while using bleach if the fumes bother you.
  • Avoid harsh chemical cleansers, because they may trigger allergies.
  • Wash dirty clothes and other damp or food-stained items promptly.

Unfortunately, a common allergen source may be warm and cuddly. Read on to learn more.

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