Can you use alkaline water to treat mold allergies?

Some people believe that an imbalance in the body's alkaline-acidity is the cause of numerous health problems, and that fixing this imbalance -- that is, making sure the body is more alkaline than acidic -- will reverse these problems.

Accordingly, drinking alkaline water is one way to restore this balance. This theory states that the body becomes too acidic as a result of our lifestyles, including eating acid-rich foods such as sugar, meats, dairy, coffee, and alcohol. This causes us to feel fatigued and run down, and it even weakens our immune responses.


Some people have experienced relief from allergy symptoms by restoring the acid-alkaline balance to their bodies, accomplished by drinking alkaline water. Alkaline ionized water contains ionic calcium, which is said to reduce allergies and improve overall health by enhancing the heart, urination, and neutralization of toxins and promoting natural healing, which in turn increases a person's resistance to allergens.