Indoor Allergies

Dust mites, mold and other allergens can live in your home or workplace. Get tips and information on how to reduce indoor allergies and improve indoor air quality.


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Eliminating Dust Mites

Eliminating dust mites completely is impossible, but you can greatly reduce their population in your home to cut down on the allergens they produce in their feces, which we can inhale into our lungs. Learn about controlling dust mites.

Dust Mites and Allergies

Dust mites are commonly linked to allergies because of their effect on a person's immune system. Lean more about how you can protect yourself against dust mites.

Limiting Allergies During Holidays

No one wants to be combating an allergy during the holiday season. Find out what you can do to avoid contracting an allergy during the holiday season.

Limiting Allergies in the Workplace

Limiting allergens in the workplace will make for a healthier work environment that everyone in the office will appreciate. Learn more about how to limit workplace allergies.

Limiting Allergies When Traveling

Limiting allergies when traveling will make for a healthier more enjoyable trip. Discover what you can do to reduce the potential of acquiring an allergy while exploring the open road.

Mold and Allergies

Mold is a common allergy trigger that should be taken very seriously. Check out what you need to know about mold, how to treat it and what medications work best to fight an allergy that is attributed to mold exposure.

How to Allergy-Proof Your Home

Every room in your house is a potential host for the sources of allergies -- pet hair, dust and mold. But keeping an allergen-free house is not an impossibility. Learn more about allergy-proofing your home.

How to Allergy-Proof Your Home Climate Control System

In order to maintain an allergen-free home, it is important to monitor your home climate systems. This means making sure your air conditioner, dehumidifier and heaters are not generating allergens.

Understanding Workplace Allergies

Most of us joke that we're sick of work. But some people literally become sick at their workplace, suffering from a condition called "sick building syndrome." Learn more about this condition.

Beware of Bedroom and Basement Allergens

Your kids are right -- there is a monster lurking in the bedroom and basement. However, the monster isn't lurking in a closet, instead it's home allergens.

Mold, Mildew and Fungi Allergens

How can I monitor my blood pressure from home? Take a look at how a person can safely and conveniently take their blood pressure from the comfort of their on home in this article.

Avoiding Allergens During the Holidays

Avoiding allergens during the holidays is important to your health. Learn more about what you can do to avoid allergies during the holiday season.

Avoiding Allergens When Traveling

We all love to travel but sometimes foreign environments and wreak havoc on our immune system. Check out how to elude travel-borne allergens for a healthier trip.

Tips for Reducing Mold

Mold has been attributed to causing allergies to form in the human body. Follow these tips for avoiding mold related allergies to live a healthier life.