Tree, Grass and Weed Allergens

Trees, weeds, and grasses all produce pollen. When pollen is present and circulated in the air, the allergic person inhales the pollen and allergy symptoms are produced. Pollen is present at different levels during different times of the year. Different geographic regions contain different pollen.

Avoiding all pollen is impossible. You can however, take steps to limit your exposure. Here are some ways to limit your exposure to pollen. Talk with your doctor about the ones that are best for you.

  • Keep windows shut during high pollen season.
  • If you have central or room air conditioning, use it as much as possible in warm weather. Keep the filters clean. Keep car windows closed and use air-conditioning in the car during times of high pollen.
  • Pollen levels peak in the early morning. Remember this when planning outdoor events or exercise.
  • Laundry dried outdoors can collect pollen. Use a clothes dryer whenever possible.
  • If you must mow the lawn or work outside, wear a face mask.
  • Be aware that pollen can be brought inside on clothing, especially when you have been working outside. When you come in, remove clothing quickly and take a shower.
  • Keep pets outside if possible. Pets can carry in pollen from the outside.

Source: Diseasenet, Inc.

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