Are arthritis medications for me?

Medication can:

  • help you feel better
  • increase your ability to function in daily life
  • lower your risk of becoming disabled
  • prevent damage or deformity to joints

Medications are used to treat the symptoms of arthritis. The kind of medication your doctor prescribes will depend in part on the type of arthritis you have. This Learning Center focuses on osteoarthritis. For this type of arthritis, your doctor will choose a medication based on how well it treats joint pain. For rheumatoid arthritis, doctors choose medications based on their ability to reduce inflammation and slow the spread of the condition, which can move quickly through the body.

The other factors your doctor considers when choosing medication include your age, the other medications you're taking, and what other health conditions you may have. For this reason, you need to discuss your health history in detail with your doctor. It is also important for you to ask the right questions before taking medications.

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