How does sleep affect osteoarthritis?

Most people with osteoarthritis feel tired. In many cases, tiredness is related to depression, worrying, poor sleep patterns, or side effects of a medication. Despite its cause, fatigue can make your pain feel worse. It can also slow your reflexes and increase your risk for an injury by causing you to fall or overuse your muscles. Getting enough rest, on the other hand, can help you better manage pain. It can also help you reduce pain and swelling in your joints.

If you are having sleep problems, you are not alone. Sleep experts say many of us aren't getting enough sleep. There is no normal amount of sleep; each person needs a different amount. Some people get along fine after 4 to 6 hours of sleep. However, most of us need 8 hours or more to function at our best. To find out more about whether or not you're getting enough sleep, see Is sleep that important?


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