Arthritis Pain Q & A

"Arthritis is a general term encompassing more than a hundred tissues that cause swelling and restricted movement of joints and connective tissue anywhere in the body. It strikes someone in virtually every family-one in seven Americans. Treatment can take two routes: pain-relieving drugs alone or in combination with physical therapy to root out painful symptoms, and for the autoimmune variety, drugs that restrain or slow the cannibalizing of joint tissues" — Dr. Scott Fishman

Alternative Treatments for Arthritis

What is your opinion of alternative therapies for arthritis, such as the so-called "arthritis cure," which is available in health food stores?


Glucosamine and Chondroitin

Do these popular alternative remedies for arthritis pain really work?

Arthritis and Heredity

Is arthritis just one disease and is it hereditary?

Arthritis Medications

Are arthritis drugs like Vioxx and Celebrex really "super aspirin?"

Over-the-Counter Arthritis Drugs

Are over-the-counter remedies for arthritis any good?

Arthritis and Opiods

If I can't tolerate the side effects of anti-inflammatories, are opiods a possible alternative for treating my arthritis?


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