Are there any tips for preventing arthritis pain?

There is a lot of information available on how to deal with arthritis, specifically on how to prevent pain and how to protect your joints.

Simple changes in daily routine and habits can help deal with arthritis pain. It is possible to go about performing your daily activities and chores, while at the same time reducing stress on your joints without causing pain or injury. Learn to think ahead and prepare for an arthritic flare-up situation. This might mean shopping in advance, planning ahead and being prepared in the event that you experience sudden fatigue or pain during a family celebration or holiday plans. Being aware of conditions that may cause fatigue, overexertion or discomfort is one way to treat pain. Room temperature, equipment, and stressful situations can be modified or changed to avoid stress and pain. To that end, you need to put an emphasis on awareness and organization.


Protecting your joints will minimize stress and pain. Correct posture, lifting, sitting and standing will reduce stress on the weaker joints. Travel light, and use shoulder straps for any kind of bag or purse. Use your leg muscles when bending or lifting, and use support such as a cane to raise and lower your body. Avoid gripping with your fingers for holding; to relieve stress use the heel of your hand or your open palm whenever possible, or use two open hands to lift objects. If your daily activities cause excessive joint stress and pain, look for assistive devices, such as special tools and utensils for the kitchen, for personal hygiene, for dressing and for writing. Longer handles on everyday tools are another effective way for to go easier on your finger joints. Any energy-saving and labor -saving devices in your home or workplace will conserve your strength and help avoid pain and injury.