What causes arthritis symptoms?

Pain from osteoarthritis is often associated with repetitive use of a joint, weight-bearing activities, or unusual strain on a joint. Emotional stress can also increase your sensitivity to the pain.

The pain can occur for several reasons:


  • The bone may become inflamed where the bony changes are taking place.
  • Tiny cracks may occur beneath the surface of the bone.
  • Spurs may be irritating nerve endings.
  • Muscles around the joint may go into spasm.
  • Bones may have decreased blood flow.
  • Inflammation may occur in the joint synovium itself.

Can osteoarthritis be caused by another condition?

Other conditions cause osteoarthritis. When this occurs, it is referred to as secondary osteoarthritis. On average, people who have secondary osteoarthritis are about 10 years younger than the people who have standard osteoarthritis.


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