Proper Asthma Care Can Control Your Asthma

Working with Your Doctor

How To Work With Your Doctor

  • Agree on clear treatment goals with your doctor. Your goal is to be able to say "no" to all the questions in our Asthma Assessment.
  • Agree on what things you need to do. Then do them. Ask questions until you feel you know what your doctor wants you to do, when you should do it, and why. Tell your doctor if you think you will have trouble doing what is asked. You can work together to find a treatment plan that is right for you. Write down the things you are supposed to do before you leave the doctor's office, or soon after. Put up reminders to yourself to take your medicine on time. Put these notes in places where you will see them.
  • See your doctor at least every 6 months to check your asthma and review your treatment. Call for an appointment if you need one. Prepare a day or two before each doctor's visit: Answer the questions in the Asthma Assessment. Talk to your doctor about your answers. Also, talk about any changes in your home or work that may have made your asthma worse. Write down questions and concerns to discuss with your doctor. Include ALL of your concerns, even those you think are not a big deal. Bring your medicines and written action plan to each visit. If you use a peak flow meter, bring it to each visit.

Source: National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute, National Institutes of Health

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