Taking the Right Asthma Medicine at the Right Time

There are two main kinds of medicines for asthma: those that help with the long-term control of asthma and those that give short-term quick relief from asthma symptoms.

Long-Term-Control Medicines Are Taken Every Day To Control Asthma

Long-term-control medicines will prevent symptoms and control asthma. But it often takes a few weeks before you feel the full effects of this medicine.

Ask your doctor about taking daily long-term-control medicine if you:

  • Have asthma symptoms three or more times a week, or
  • Have asthma symptoms at night three or more times a month.

If you need a long-term-control medicine, you will need to keep taking your medicine each day, even when you feel well. This is the only way you can keep your asthma under control. Make taking your long-term-control medicine a part of your daily routine — just like eating, sleeping, and brushing your teeth.

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