Cancer Pain Q & A

"Cancer patients may have pain for a variety of reasons; it may be an effect of the cancer itself or a result of the treatment methods. There are many methods for controlling pain, including pain medications, nerve blocks, physical therapy, and techniques such as relaxation and imagery. Cancer pain almost always can be relieved or controlled, and you should work with your doctor to determine the best treatment method for you."

— Dr. Scott Fishman


Bone Pain and Cancer

What is the best way to treat bone pain for people with cancer?

Latent Cancer Pain

Why don't some people feel cancer pain until it is too late?

Side Effects of Cancer Pain Medication

What are the side effects of medication used to control cancer pain?

Nerve Block and Cancer Pain

When is a nerve-deadening block recommended?

Morphine and Cancer Pain

What are the chances of a large dose of morphine resulting in accidental death?