Blood Pressure Tests: Urinalysis

A urinalysis is a test that examines the urine. Your doctor will do this test to be sure that your kidneys are working well. The test checks the amount of protein, blood cells, crystals, and glucose in the urine. More specialized urine tests can be run if your doctor suspects that another medical condition or a medicine you take could be the cause of your high blood pressure.

How Is This Test Done?

First, you should wash around your urethra. That's the tube that passes urine out of your body. This prevents contamination of the urine sample. Next, you should collect a urine sample in midstream. That is, you want to collect urine not at the beginning and not at the end of your flow. When you collect urine by cleaning yourself first and catching in the middle, it is referred to as a clean-catch urine sample. Here are the exact steps you should follow.


  • Clean the area around the opening to your urethra.
  • Start urinating into the toilet.
  • Catch a sample of the urine in a clean container.
  • Finish urinating in the toilet.
  • Cover the container and give it to your doctor.
  • Your doctor will send the sample to a laboratory for testing.

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