How can I make it easier to stick with my treatment?

Some people feel overwhelmed by the changes they need to make to control their blood pressure. You may have doubts about being able to eat differently. You may be skeptical about starting to exercise or fitting in more exercise. The prospect of needing to take medicine every day may be troubling, too.

Too often, people get discouraged and don't follow the treatment plan they've developed with their healthcare providers. Many reasons keep people from sticking with their treatment. Some may not like the side effects of medicines. Others may feel discouraged because they don't feel better right away, or they are doubtful that any treatment will really help.


The best thing you can do to overcome these feelings is to take the first step toward a healthier you. Begin today, and then build on your success. Have the patience to stay with your treatment plan. This is your ticket to controlling your condition and preventing more serious problems. Keep reading to learn what strategies you can use and how to get support.