How do I know if I'm better?

The only way to know whether your blood pressure is improving is to have it tested on a regular basis. If you need to lose weight, your doctor will want to check how well you are doing that, too. Your doctor will tell you how often to come back for visits and any tests. This will depend on your health and your risk factors. Follow your doctor's advice about scheduling exams.

By checking your condition, your doctor can tell:

  • whether you need to make further changes to your diet or exercise
  • whether you need to start taking medicine or whether your current medicine is working.

Here's what you can expect your doctor to review with you during your visit:

  • any adjustments that you've made or problems you've had with your treatment plan
  • any blood tests you may need to monitor changes in your body caused by the medicines you take
  • your blood pressure
  • any symptoms that suggest complications from your condition or your medicines
  • other medical problems
  • all the medicines you're taking
  • any changes in your lifestyle that might affect your treatment plan

Your checkups are also a good time for you to ask any questions you have about your treatment.

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