What Do I Need to Know About Nicotinic Acid to Lower Cholesterol?

Possible Drug Interactions With Nicotinic Acid

Make sure that your doctor is aware of all medicines you are taking. Also, ask your pharmacist for a complete list of possible drug interactions.

Nicotinic acid may interact with:

  • Any of the statin medicines used to treat high cholesterol. If you take it with a statin, there is a much higher risk for liver and muscle problems.

  • The fibrates gemfibrozil or fenofibrate. These are medicines that are also used to control cholesterol.

  • Some medicines taken for high blood pressure. Taking nicotinic acid may increase the effects of some medicines taken to lower blood pressure.

  • Alcohol. Because of alcohol's effects on your liver, it may be dangerous to drink alcohol if you take nicotinic acid. If you drink any alcohol, ask your doctor and pharmacist about the effects it may have on your medicine.