What's the First Step to Lowering My Cholesterol?

Are Intensive Lifestyle Changes for Me?

Sometimes to get the most improvement that you can from lifestyle changes, it takes a more intensive approach, such as a program like that of Dean Ornish, M.D.

People who followed Dr. Ornish's program were able to reverse heart disease without taking medicine to lower cholesterol and without surgery. However, the program is intensive and has four key parts that must be done together. To learn more about programs like these, follow the links below.

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  • How Do I Follow a Very-Low-Fat Vegetarian Diet?
  • How Do I Make Intensive Changes to My Exercise Program?
  • How Can Emotional Connections Help My Heart?
  • How Do I Make Intensive Changes to Manage Stress?

Taking charge of your health is an important job. But it doesn't have to be overwhelming. In fact, the American Institute for Preventive Medicine says that high blood pressure is one of the easiest health problems to control. Your healthcare team can help. Even if you already have heart disease, making healthy lifestyle changes can help your heart function better. For the rest of your life, the rewards of a healthy heart will be well worth your efforts.

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