5 Heart Health Myths


You Don't Have Heart Problems; You Just Have Stress and Anxiety

Many symptoms of heart problems often get written off as stress or anxiety. Let's say you're at work, and your heart starts racing. It's possible that stress is the culprit -- your boss may have just walked by -- but it's also possible that a fast heartbeat at rest is the sign of a deeper problem than your boss seeing what you were looking at on your computer. It's possible that you suffer from an irregular heartbeat that requires medication. Similarly, if you often feel like you're hyperventilating, it's easy to chalk it up to anxiety, but it's worth considering whether you have a heart problem.

In today's busy world, we may think that stress and anxiety are just a part of life, things that must be endured. But even if you're sure that your racing heartbeat is due to stress, you're still damaging your heart in the long run. Eventually, a constantly speeding heart will weaken a heart's ability to pump blood to the rest of the body. That means that stress reduction techniques like yoga, meditation and relaxing baths are just as important to your heart as a healthy diet and regular exercise.