Heart Health and Diabetes

Diabetic Risk Factors

Some people with diabetes are at greater risk than others. If you have diabetes and:

  • high blood pressure
  • high blood fat levels
  • smoke cigarettes
  • have a family history of premature heart disease
  • are obese
  • are not physically active

You face a greater chance of heart disease. The more risk factors you add, the greater your risk.

Either type 1 or type 2 diabetes increases your risk of cardiovascular disease. People with type 1 diabetes are unlikely to get heart disease when they are young. Yet as they grow older, their risk becomes higher than the risk of their peers without diabetes.

Men with diabetes have a greater risk of cardiovascular disease than women. After menopause, the risk increases for women with diabetes. Estrogen replacement therapy can help reduce a woman's risk. It is an option to discuss with your doctor.