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Grandpa's energy = zapped.
Grandpa's energy = zapped.
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Holidays represent a culmination of all the other items on this list. You're traveling at a time when airports are crowded and highways are packed. You're likely going to be spending time with family members, some of whom have the tendency to wear you down. You may be overworking yourself to provide a great meal for 20 people or a touching gift for every coworker on a limited budget. You want to decorate the house but you have to clean it first.

You're noshing on unhealthy party snacks and gigantic meals and guzzling eggnog instead of milk. It's one of the hardest times for people who are alone. What do all of these things have in common? That S-word we've referred to several times already: stress.­

In addition to the everyday stress we've touched upon in this article, holidays carry the extra burden of high expectations. We want holidays to be perfect, and we run ourselves ragged trying to make them so. When you juggle this many balls in the air, it's no wonder that Thanksgiving or Christmas with the family can make you feel like a walking zombie.

Hide yourself away from the thoughts of these energy-zapping holidays by reading some of the stories below.

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