Top 10 Physical Energy Zappers


Errands and Chores

Just looking at this picture can make you tired.
Just looking at this picture can make you tired.
Ryan McVay/Lifesize/Getty Images

You finally break free of the confines of the office, but before you can indulge your passion for scrapbooking or target shooting, a few things need to get done. It seems like a short list: pick up groceries, exchange a sweater at the mall, mow the lawn, check in on your aging relatives at the nursing home and cook three meals. Perhaps you see where this is going -- by the time you finish your list (if you even make it halfway through), you're exhausted and zapped of energy. So long, scrapbooking. Better luck next time, target shooting. A long list of errands and chores also represents overwork, but instead of stress at the office, you're dealing with stress in the home.

Sometime we work so hard during the week that our to-do list in the evenings and weekends becomes absolutely massive. In addition to the physical demands that chores like mowing the lawn, cleaning the house and roaming the grocery store place on our bodies, they contribute to stress as we scramble around trying to get everything done.

Ideally, we all need some free time to relax, recover and enjoy things that truly interest us. Whether it's knitting, ballroom dancing or skateboarding, engaging in these activities will provide you with the rejuvenating blast of energy you need. But before you can break out the knitting needles, you may need to prioritize that foreboding to-do list. With a little time to yourself, you just may find the extra energy needed to brave the grocery store.