Questions to Ask Your Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Specialist

Review the following "Questions to Ask" about chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

1. Do you have experience in diagnosing chronic fatigue syndrome? What tests will you conduct to rule out other causes for my symptoms?

2. Does my medical history support a diagnosis of chronic fatigue syndrome? Or does it suggest some other cause for my illness, such as hypothyroidism?

3. Do you treat other patients with chronic fatigue syndrome?

4. What treatments do you recommend for my CFS symptoms?

5. When should I notify you of changes in my condition, such as the recurrence or appearance of new CFS symptoms?

6. What strategies can I use to cope with chronic fatigue syndrome? How can I help my family, friends and co-workers understand my illness?

7. How will you follow my illness?

8. Do you recommend an exercise plan?

9. Where can I find more information on chronic fatigue syndrome? Is there any new research available regarding the causes or treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome?

10. Are there any chronic fatigue syndrome support groups in my community?

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