5 Benefits of Zinc When Fighting a Cold

Placebo effect could be a plus.

Just as our favorite blanket has an uncanny way of making us feel better, it is possible that using zinc to treat a cold works simply because you think it should. This refers to the placebo effect, which means that some sort of mind-body connection helps make a treatment feel like it works [source: Gazzaniga].

Therefore, if you think cold remedies with zinc work for you, this could be a completely authentic way for you to get better quicker. Just aim to combine that remedy with lots of rest and fluids [source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention].

And, of course, the best way to feel better is to avoid getting the cold in the first place. To accomplish this tricky challenge, as well as to keep your virus away from other people, cover your cough, practice hand hygiene, stay home if you are sick and keep others with a cold at a distance.

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