10 Potential Death Traps Lurking in Your Home


The Garden Shed

That manicured green lawn, free of grubs, crabgrass and other weeds, might be a shining example of the old slogan, "Better living through chemistry." But those very same products -- pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fertilizers and the like -- pose a very real threat if not used (and stored) properly.

Plus, many of these products are dangerous once they've been applied. Take care to prevent family members (especially children and their friends) and pets from coming into contact with these potent chemicals, including newer brands. According to the Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides, a survey of 19 pesticides registered since 1997 found that nearly all of them posed hazards, including increased risk of cancer, genetic damage, birth defects and other serious health problems [source: Alliance for Healthy Homes].

This same approach is recommended if you store gasoline and any gas-powered tools, including trimmers, lawnmowers, tractors, snow blowers and chainsaws. In addition, great care should be taken when using any tool with sharp blades, whether gas-powered or human-powered. Keep these out of reach of children.

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