Diabetes Q&A with Dr. Mohan S. Palaniswami

Medical expert Dr. Mohan S. Palaniswami answers common questions about diabetes:

Q: I have had diabetes for 12 years and recently have had difficulty maintaining an erection. What can I do? answer >

Q: My mother has type II diabetes. What can I do to prevent it? answer >

Q: Are artificial sweeteners safe for diabetics? answer >

Q: I have been a type 1 diabetic for four years now and use the daily injections, but would an insulin pump be easier to use? answer >

Q: What are the risks of developing foot ulcers due to diabetes? answer >

Q: What are the effects on the nerves that diabetes can have? answer >

Q: What can I do to prevent foot disease? answer >

Q: My doctor says that diabetes can cause eye disease. How does this happen? answer >

Dr. Palaniswami is director of internal medicine for Aosta Health, a multimedia company that provides online health and medical content. Read his full bio.

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