Insulin Delivery

While a syringe is the most common method for injecting insulin, there are other devices that can deliver insulin. Talk to your doctor about which may be right for you.

Hypodermic Syringes

Hypodermic syringes are the traditional way to inject insulin. They're pretty much the kind of needle you'd find in your doctor's office. Here you will learn about this method for injecting insulin.

Insulin Pens

Insulin pens are very similar to syringes, but with a few technological twists that could make them more convenient for you. On this page, you will learn how to use insulin pens.

Insulin Pumps

Insulin pumps are small machines that steadily distribute insulin to that patient. While insulin pumps are incredibly convenient, there are some concerns you should know about it. You can learn more on this page.

Insulin Inhalers

Insulin inhalers are a relatively new technology that dispenses with the need for painful injections. Unfortunately, not ever patient is a good candidate for an insulin inhaler.

Written by award-winning health writer Bobbie Hasselbring

Reviewed by Beth Seltzer, MD

Last updated June 2008

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